Ghostworld 13

I have been preoccupied lately, as I decided to further my education, after receiving my diagnosis for Asperger's Autism.

I had been informed, when I was in school as a child, that I wasn't smart enough, to achieve my dreams of being a writer. Even with having my books published, that little voice would remind me, I'm not smart enough. Being diagnosed was a blessing for me, it made me realize what I have accomplished and it's never a fact of not being smart enough or good enough, I just think differently to the norm.

So after three years of studying, I have finished QQI Level 5 in Journalism in the Digital Age, QQi Level 6 in Radio Broadcasting and now I have just completed my BA (Hons) in Media Production, specializing in film and television. Here is a trailer for one of my projects.

So remember, just because someone might tell you you aren't smart enough or good enough, it doesn't make it true. We all are, some of us just think differently to others, which is definitely a good thing :)

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