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What I'm doing now

With the publication of , The Protectors (The Candi Reynolds Series 3). I've now finished my first series. Originally I had planned on writing four books in the series, but while writing the books, I realized this wasn't necessary, I could write everything I needed to in three books instead of four. So I did. 

I do plan at a later date to write a collection of stories from The Candi Reynolds World called Sisters in Arms. Each story inside will have an individual title and be about a different character too.

So I've decided to join a new multi author and genre series called Wylder West. I have two books in the works for this series. The first is The Wylder Cat & The Pinkerton Agent, the second is Lanterns in Wylder. I'm very excited about both these books and the series. I've added both books to Goodreads.


I have just started writing Reborn by Water (Celtic Trinity, #1).  

I plan to write four books in this series, and I already know the titles for all of them. I think it helps me to be honest.

I've added them all to my Goodreads page and you can find them there,

Each book will be updated on Goodreaads when and as I have either a blurb or published etc.

I've also started writing, Mist in Time. It'll be a standalone book and to be honest, I'm very excited about writing it. You can find it's Goodreads page by clicking on the title.


I have another new series I'm planning on writing called, Mystic Soulmates. 

The first book in this series will be called, The Dark Goddess (Mystic Soulmates, #1). I'll keep this page updated with my progress on this series. So far I haven't added a Goodreads page for this series.

Other news is I now have a mailing list you can subscribe to. I'll only be sending out e-mails minimum once a month, but most likely once every couple of months. So feel free to sign up and see what's happening :) 

And finally, the complete Candi Reynolds Series is available on audio-books and narrated by the very talented, Fiona McGuire.