Seven days until The Protectors arrive

The final battle approaches, and in seven days time you can find out how Candi's story ends. Find out who will survive the upcoming battle against the might of The Protectors in the final installment of The Candi Reynolds Series.


Tensions run high as the final battle with The Protectors approaches. Secrets are uncovered and new allies arise. With the help of her vampire lover, Victor Harlow, and their friends, Candi needs to prepare for the coming battle, a battle she might not survive. Danger surrounds her. The battle ground has been chosen. Will Candi be able to solve the mysteries of the past, and defeat The Protectors, for once and for all?


“I’ll never let you go,”

he informs me as he drags me back toward him. “You are mine and I am yours. End of discussion.”

“There was a discussion in there somewhere?”

Flipping me over as easily as if I’m a pancake in a pan, he gives me one more yank so my butt is at the edge of the bed, and his large body is wedged between my legs. Leaning forward, he grasps hold of my chin, keeping my face still, and maintains eye contact with me.

“No discussion, just a simple fact. You keep trying to run from your feelings, and I’m not letting you anymore,” he growls the words out, practically spitting them in my face. “So you need me, and you’re afraid of the fact. Fair enough. Now let me tell you something, little girl. I need you too.”

“Little girl?” I manage to sputter out before being harshly interrupted.

“Yes. You are mine. Your body, mind, and your fucking soul, is mine. Get used to it, sweetheart, because I’m never letting you go.” Next thing I know, his mouth has slammed down on mine. His kiss is one of punishment and domination. There’s no gentleness in it at all.

Strangely enough, it’s exactly what I need. I need to feel and hear that he’s on this emotional roller-coaster with me. I know he loves me. He’s far from afraid of telling me, unlike me, but seeing this fury and dominance coming from him is spelling out loud and clear what he’s feeling, and it’s like I suddenly know everything is going to be okay.

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