5* Review for The Prophecy

Title: The Prophecy (The Candi Reynolds Series, #2)

Author: April Hollingworth

Published Date: April 19th 2016

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Rating: 5*



It’s a race against time, Candi with the help of her friends and Vampire lover, Victor Harlow must follow cryptic clues to find the Prophecy.

Secrets of the past are spilling into the present and danger is creeping closer. Nothing is as it seems and the answers they find just lead to more questions. The Protectors are growing in strength and numbers and it’s up to them to stop them.

With her own special kind of magick, Candi finds herself on the front lines of a coming war, and if that weren’t enough, her heart is fighting a war of its own. She can trust Victor to fight at her side but can she trust him with her heart?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***

***Christine – #NerdGirlPixie’s Review*** The Prophecy, The Candi Reynolds Series #2, by April Hollingworth, is an incredible follow-up to Double Magick in the Falls. Candi has a secret. A Magickal secret. Her mother was a witch, her father a werewolf. Candi should have inherited one magick, or the other, or none. She inherited both. She is a werewolf witch, and the Protectors are out to get her.

Turns out there is a prophecy about “the one with Double Magick”. Candi, Victor, and the girls from her old Army Squad set out on wild adventures to find the Prophecy, and end the Protectors reign of terror.

I love this series, and cannot wait for more!!!

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