It's October, so here's a review I wrote last October on a wonderful Autumn style book, Pump

I loved this book and recommend it to well, everyone to be honest.

Halloween is coming! Ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggetty beasties and geese that go bump in the night. Geese? Yes, in Linda Banche's sweet Regency romantic comedy and EPIC Contest finalist PUMPKINNAPPER, there’s a big, mean goose that you don’t want to meet up with on a dark night.

Someone’s stealing the heroine’s pumpkins and the hero, Henry, decides to catch the culprit. Trouble is, the heroine’s large, mean, pet goose, also named Henry, is very attached to his mistress and takes umbrage. Henry the man has no choice but to compete with Henry the goose for the heroine’s affections. Quite a comedown for a young, rich, handsome nobleman, especially since the goose usually gets the upper hand.


PUMPKINNAPPER, sweet Regency romantic comedy (A pumpkinnapper is a pumpkin kidnapper, or a pumpkin thief) EPIC contest finalist in Historical Romance Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and All Romance eBooks.


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THANK YOU-- Linda Banche

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