The Prophecy (The Candi Reynolds Series, 2)


It’s a race against time, Candi with the help of her friends and Vampire lover, Victor Harlow must follow cryptic clues to find the Prophecy. Secrets of the past are spilling into the present and danger is creeping closer. Nothing is as it seems and the answers they find just lead to more questions. The Protectors are growing in strength and numbers and it’s up to them to stop them. With her own special kind of magick, Candi finds herself on the front lines of a coming war, and if that weren’t enough, her heart is fighting a war of its own. She can trust Victor to fight at her side but can she trust him with her heart?

Book Information:

Rating: Hot Page Count: 286 Word Count: 69425 978-1-5092-0892-0 Paperback 978-1-5092-0893-7 Digital


The door behind me opens silently, pushing me out of the way, and then closes; instinctively my body tenses as I’ve never felt this vulnerable, sobbing this way, huddled on the bathroom floor. Unsure of why I’m even crying.

Victor’s warmth surrounds me as he sits behind me. Taking me into his arms, he says nothing just embraces me. His legs encircle me as his arms drag me back into the hardness of his body, holding me securely to him. My thin cardigan and underwear the only barrier between us. His embrace is purely one of comfort. Bit by bit, my muscles release their tension, and my sobs turn into gentle hiccups and the occasional sniffle.

Still he remains quiet. With his chin resting on my shoulder and his front plastered to my back, I feel his warmth seeping into every part of me. Slowly, I become aware of the gentle rise and fall of his breathing. I find comfort on a level beyond my understanding, and I wonder if he knows I need to feel him breathing. For as a vampire, he doesn’t need to.

I suddenly become conscious of Victor’s scent surrounding me, warming me. His scent is intoxicating to me, like a drug, spice and desert heat. I’m wondering if I’m the only one affected, when I feel Victor’s nose dip to the base of my neck where it connects to my shoulder, inhaling my scent. A groan of what sounds like agony rattles from his powerful body, just before his tongue snakes out and tastes me.

Licking a warm, wet path from my shoulder to just below my ear. A shudder of desire ripples through me, and I offer my neck to him. A moment later, his lips connect with my skin, gently kissing and sucking it before his fangs descend and slide into me. My blood rushes hot and fast to the sharp fangs, an eager offering to him, and with a moan my head lolls to the side resting on my opposite shoulder.

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