Frontier Defiant by Leonie Rogers my review

Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth

This is the third and final book in the epically brilliant Frontier trilogy. Though you can read each book as an individual, I highly recommend reading all the books. The three books are based over a year, and with each book you see how much the characters have grown and developed, but more importantly, you care what happens to them. Their pain and sorrow become yours.

In this book are characters are preparing for the fight of their very lives. If they fail to win, all will either be killed or enslaved. Yet at the base of it all they are still cadets, and are only learning about their own skills and abilities.

This series has had me hooked from the start, and how it finished stayed with me. To say I loved it is so mild a word, but I did. These books are ones to keep so you can read again and again. Based for young adults, I’d recommend it to everyone. A must read book and series, one that will keep you reading until you have finished the last word, and then keep you awake long after that.

Opening Scene:

Shanna felt slow tears slide down her cheeks as she stood with her friends and their starcats in a circle on the small hill, a short distance from the Starlyne habitation.

The Review:

The new-found alliance of Starlyne and human has fought back, but the Garsal invaders are relentless in their desire to conquer Frontier. Once again, Shanna, her fellow cadets, and their starcats find themselves on the front-line. But even as she and the other cadets begin to master their new skills tragedy strikes, and all of Shanna’s resolve is tested as she discovers there is even more at stake than she’d ever believed possible. As Garsal attacks on Watchtower and the other human settlements intensify, the cadets and Patrol Ten are sent on a mission to infiltrate the Garsal ship and free those slaves who hold knowledge that might enable the alliance to strike back. But even as factions start to appear within the seemingly implacable foe, Frontier’s future seems increasingly uncertain.

Notable Scene:

Shanna sighed with relief, exchanging quick glances with her fellow cadets. Despite the strength of her longing to see her family, one of her major fears was the possibility of being sidelined as ‘just a cadet’ again. “Do you think we’ll hear anything about our families?” she whispered to Amma beside her.

“I hope so. I just hope they weren’t at Watchtower when it was attached.”

Cold struck suddenly deep into Shanna’s bones and her hand holding the plate trembled. The possibility of injury or death of any of her family members hadn’t crossed her mind. Now, almost numbed by fear, she remembered Kaidan’s last farewell as he headed back to the plateau, and wondered if he’d left Watchtower for the safety of Hillview before the aircraft had struck. He’d have been back on the plateau for several months by now, by her calculations, but she’d lost track of just how long it had been since the battle with the Garsal vehicles. Dimly, she realized that Spiron was still speaking.

“I can’t give you details of dead and injured yet. Our communications are relayed through the Starlyne network, and there are priorities.” There was a slight angry murmur. “I know, I know, and I don’t like not knowing either. But personal fears aside, we must remember that there are more essential communications that must take priority. We’ll find out soon enough.” His face was grim, and Shanna noticed that there were more lines etched into his brow than she remembered from their first meeting. “In the meantime empty your packs, wash your clothes, and take it easy today. We’ll be working hard tomorrow as it’s now imperative that we figure out what you lot did when you dropped that cliff on the Garsal.” He frowned in mock exasperation at the cadets.

They resumed eating in a very subdued mood, and again the cadets grouped themselves together, starcats sprawled about them. “And now we’ll be wondering about our families,” Verren said. His tone was resigned, and his face solemn. There were nods, and a few sighs.

FTC Advisory: Andrew Harvey provided me with a copy of Frontier Defiant by Leonie Rogers. Published through Hague Publishing. Kindle Edition. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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