My Brand New Series ~ Book 1 Coming 2016

Reborn By Water (Celtic Trinity #1) by April Hollingworth

On the stroke of twelve noon in the Kingdoms of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The witches of the Celtic Trinity are sentenced to death. The Irish witch shall be burnt. The Welsh witch shall be stoned to death, while the Scottish witch shall hang. Yet each death is not done the way it is meant to be. Each woman dies,though not by the way they were decreed to or by the stroke of midday. Instead they die by the hands of one man on the stroke of midnight, the witching hour by blade and element. This injustice causes ripples through time and space, creating the rebirth of the Celtic Trinity in a time when peace should rain once more. But the rise of power causes others to crawl out of the darkness and once more the hunt is on, this time for the permanent deaths of the Celtic Trinity. Three women who don’t know of their power or their fate.

Elizabeth Anne Walker or Beefy to her friends, has had the same nightmare of her death in a different lifetime, ever since her thirteenth birthday. Unsure if she's going crazy, her life changes dramatically when she finds out the place she dreams of each night, exists and some people are determined to make her die the way she was meant to, and this time permanently. When to men enter her life things become more complicated. Both she new in her previous life. One was her killer and the other the man who loved her and wanted to save her. But which ones which, only time will tell...

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