Writing The Protectors (The Candi Reynolds series 3)

So yesterday after sorting out my playlist for my new novel (a must as far as I'm concerned) I started writing the third book in my new series. Double Magick in the Falls the first book in The Candi Reynolds series was released the end January this year. On Sunday I sent off the second book in the series The Prophecy to my editor and am now cracking on with the third book in the series. Can you tell I'm excited?

Anyway it keeps me occupied instead of letting my nervous get to me while waiting for news on The Prophecy and also on my short novella which I also sent in to my editor a couple of days ago too. Be Mine will be part of a joint author series called The Candy Hearts Series through the fabulous The Wild Rose Press (well as long as it's good enough I should say (I'm positive it is, well hoping like crazy anyway).

So as and how I find out I'll let you know. Keep everything crossed for me I'll have good news soon :)

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