Soulceress by Linsey Hall my review

Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth

This is the second book in the phenomenal The Mythean Arcana series. I loved this book so much. Esha and Warren are fantastic. Esha is a badass, smart mouthed, determined, kind, soulceress who is fed up with being shunned by what she is. Warren is a warrior, sexy as hell, smart, determined, mystery monster. He refuses to admit he’s attracted to Esha, because she will then realize what his biggest secret is. Something he’s determined to never admit to anyone. But when an opportunity comes around that he can’t ignore, and the only person who can help him is Esha, he soon realizes just what he’s been missing, and wonders if he’s ruined his only chance of happiness. To say I loved this book is so mild a word. I adore this book and series so much, and can’t wait to read the next book in this wonderfully brilliant and tantalizing series.

Opening Scene:

“Can you repeat that?” Warren asked, his head buzzing.

The Review:

Three hundred years ago Warren became a mystery monster when he sold his soul in exchange for his people’s safety. He hides his secrets from everyone, unwilling to trust; after all he is inhuman. But after three hundred years of suffering and living life in the shadows he finally has a chance to reclaim his soul. Esha is a soulceress, an immortal who drains the magical powers of others, she’s shunned by everyone. Working as a mercenary, she hunts evil for a living. The only man immune to her powers is Warren, a man with secrets and a body that intrigues her. Warren needs Esha’s help in reclaiming his soul. Their simple quest to find an escaped soulceress, soon turns into a deadly battle where choices will be made and secrets must be told before they are torn apart. As Esha’s and Warren’s passion for each other intensifies, they must deal with each other and learn to trust. Evil forces have been unleashed against them which they must defeat, before time runs out.

Notable Scene:

“So, why is it I never feel your power? You don’t have enough to speak of? She asked. Everyone hated her for something she couldn’t control, but he was the only one who didn’t like her out of spite, because he wasn’t even affected by her. He shrugged again, but she saw a flicker in his eyes. “You know why I can’t feel the power of your soul, but you won’t tell me. Cat got your tongue?” She snickered and looked at the shadow that was the Chairman, lounging on a chair next to her. “There’s no’ a fae’s chance in hell I’m going to tell you.” She frowned as she searched his eyes for any hint, but saw nothing. “Does it have anything to do with the fact that you have shadows that don’t stick to you?” His eyes iced over, but still, she swore they beckoned. She was clearly mad, but she couldn’t help herself. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She shivered. She was pushing him, but she couldn’t stop herself. He was a mystery that she’d wanted to solve since she’d met him. “You know, you’re pretty much the only one at the university who has shadows. You’re different.” Their place of employment was committed to maintaining balance between the heavens and the hells and to protecting earth. Someone evil wouldn’t give a damn about keeping the power balance. So if Warren wasn’t evil, why did he have shadows?

FTC Advisory: Linsey Hall provided me with a copy of Soulceress by Linsey Hall. Published through Bonnie Doon Press LLC. Kindle Edition. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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