A Rose for Lancaster by Christine Elaine Black my review

Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth Beautiful and elegant this is a wondrous story of love, honour, loyalties and family. And of how one can easily destroy everything around you, unless you're brave enough to stand up for what you believe and want. A must read novel, it is uniquely brilliant and compelling. I loved it. Opening Scene: ~Blanche~July 1486 I had never before rejoiced upon hearing of a man's death but I prayed for the Lord's forgiveness. My Review: Set in Tudor England 1486 - 1491 this is the story of Blanche Langley and Giles Beaufort. Blanche is from the house of York and Giles is from the house of Lancaster to sides fighting against the other. When Blanche is informed that she has to marry a Lancaster she is not impressed even though he is handsome and strong. But as she gets to know him she finds the prospect of a life with him more appealing. But life is dangerous with Yorkists gathering allies against the King. Can these two find happiness together when they're from warring families one fighting for the King and the other against. So beautifully told, I found myself transported back in time. Wishing fervently for a happy ending for this unlikely couple. When a whisper of a rumour can lead to your death. Memorable Scene: "The king orders me to marry Somerset within the month. Does he not know the man dies?" I shrugged in confusion. "I am Giles Beaufort, heir to Somerset." "That's a lie. Somerset died without heirs." The youth shifted his feet but held his ground. He stood a head taller than me, and his shoulders attested to a promising stature. "I am his son and heir. The king granted me my father's lands, titles and all preferment." "His son by whom?" A bastard child claimed Somerset's title and the conquering king of England expected me, a descendant of Edward the third, to marry a commoner. "His fourth wife." "When did the marriage take place?" Giles Beaufort had the decency to look embarrassed. "The eve before his death." "Your father was betrothed to me. It's impossible for him to have married another. The Pope would not allow it." "The Poe gave his blessing, and by all accounts I am the rightful son and heir. The king has arranged the necessary dispensation." "How convenient for you and the king." Anger flared through my veins. "My arrangement concerned Somerset, not his illegitimate son." I reeled at the insults heaped upon my family by Henry Tudor. As a true descendant of the house of York, though not close to the throne, it galled me to accept any man from a low ranking family, far less a bastard. He waited for me to settle. I had read the king's order and I, as a woman, must yield. As a daughter of the losing side in the war of the cousins the road ended here. But political games were common in my father's house and I countered the news.

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