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January 30, 2017

Be Mine by April Hollingworth https://goo.gl/OeIij6


Hot Stuff by Cj Fosdick https://goo.gl/7liVNo


Text Me by Erin Bevan https://goo.gl/1s7o9Y


Pick Me by Tanya Hanson https://goo.gl/HCbzq8


Melt My Heart by Marie Tuhart https://goo.gl/Fj37Qz


Dare Me by Debra Druzy https://goo.gl/Pbj0Tg


Only Yours by Nancy Fraser https://goo.gl/D59csw


For Keeps by Veronica Lynch https://goo.gl/knoQES


For You by Emma Kaye https://goo.gl/uu0e42


Say Yes by Katie O'Sullivan https://goo.gl/6MAZUu


Find Me by Cait Jarrod https://goo.gl/CxN8j2


Ever After by Candace Sams https://goo.gl/lspbFd


www.Cupid by Annette Miller https://goo.gl/ocjic3


Forget Me Not by Maureen L. Bonatch https://goo.gl/TwrjfV


Surprise Me by Anita Kidesu https://goo.gl/17doK2


Me + You by Brenda Gayle https://goo.gl/zA3XLQ


All Mine by Tamrie Foxtail https://goo.gl/dHQjsP


Kiss Me Again by Monique DeVere https://goo.gl/jVaxcn


3 Wishes by Peggy Jaeger https://goo.gl/MKJxF2


Tweet Me by Desiree Holt https://goo.gl/yN9ZGS


Charm Me by Tena Stetler https://goo.gl/pcUQsk


Sweetie Pie by Willa Blair https://goo.gl/mxg6yA


Be My Love by J. C. McKenzie https://goo.gl/EllMWZ


I'm Sure by Beverly Breton https://goo.gl/Yg5ym5


Red Hot by Kayden Claremont https://goo.gl/GFmI2k


Got Love? by Angela Hayes https://goo.gl/Nl0w4j


Real Love by Charlotte Copper https://goo.gl/Z3a39a


You & Me: You and Me by Stephanie Kepke https://goo.gl/gkNj27


Sweet Kiss by Judy Ann Davis https://goo.gl/3ghlyE


Chill Out by Jana Richards https://goo.gl/WLl610


Je T'aime by Ursula Whistler https://goo.gl/IUXk5h


Adore Me by Darcy Lundeen https://goo.gl/xn1q5e


Marry Me by Heidi Wessman Kneale https://goo.gl/ZO08ab


Secret Admirer by Ally Hayes https://goo.gl/JE77ga


You're Tops by Sydney St. Claire https://goo.gl/6brTSs


Ooh La La by Doreen Alsen https://goo.gl/eiQNle


Ask Me by Laura Strickland https://goo.gl/HqZI6r


One Kiss by Misty Simon https://goo.gl/FdNNvg


I Love You by Brandy Wilson https://goo.gl/xIwoPD


Not2Nite by Barbara Burke https://goo.gl/OZGDgu



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