Ancient Magic by Linsey Hall my Review

May 21, 2016

Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth


So this is the first book in the brand new, Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress series, and it explodes onto the page in such a fantastic way, it left me addicted and grateful I have the next book in the series to read.

The characters are fantastic. They are smart, funny, sexy and just wonderful. You’d love to meet them in person. The book itself is filled with adventure and intrigue. Be prepared to not want to do anything but read, once you open this book.


Opening Scene:


Blood. I rubbed my tongue against the top of my mouth.


The Review:


I’m good at two things: finding treasure and killing demons. Lying low is a close third—but not because I want to be good at hiding. I have to be. I’m a FireSoul, one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon’s soul. Being born with the dragon’s covetousness should be a sweet gig - I have the power to find and steal any type of treasure, including the powers of other supernaturals.

But it doesn’t come without a price - stealing powers requires that I kill, and others would destroy me if they discover what I am. In a world full of magic, hiding my species is the only way to survive. Finding magical artifacts is the only way to pay the bills. It’s a dangerous job when you can barely use your magic, but that’s one of the things I like about it.

When Aidan Merrick, the most powerful shifter in the city, hired me to find an ancient scroll, I didn’t want to take the job. His immense amount of power reminds me of too much of murky memories from a past I can’t remember. But I don’t have a choice. The scroll reveals what I am. And if anyone finds out, I’m dead.


Notable Scene:


“Care to explain what you’re doing lurking outside my door?” I asked, keeping my knives at the ready.

How’d he get past the locked door downstairs?

“Waiting for you,” he said. His voice had a hint of gravel to it, but in a pleasant way. A sexy way, but I didn’t want to explore that until I was sure he wasn’t here to kill me. Combined with the chiseled planes of his face and his athletic physique, he was the complete package.

He looked like a super model, but not quite the pretty kind. The kind that was a bit rough around the edges, with strong hands and chiseled features. He could model designer flannel as easily as suits. His dark hair and eyes would look amazing with either, but it was his lips that I had to drag my stupid gaze from.

He towered over my five-foot-seven-inch height. Six-three, at least, I mused, seizing him up for a potential showdown. If it came to it, I’d have to run. Between his magic and his strength, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

“How’d you get in?” I asked, deciding to play nice and hoping this didn’t go south. Perhaps he had a legit reason to be here, but the pessimist inside me said otherwise.

“You shouldn’t leave your door unlocked.”

“It wasn’t.”

“Then I got lucky.”

“And by lucky, you mean magic.”

He shrugged one big shoulder and nodded.

“But you didn’t use it to get into my place?” I asked. I tried to calm my racing heart, hoping his shifter senses couldn’t pick it up. I didn’t think he’d be able to find my troves even if he had gotten in-they were well hidden behind false walls-but I didn’t like the possibility.

The corner of his mouth hiked up in a devastating smile. “That’d be just rude.”

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